Myitchyfinger is founded by Derek Low, a digital artist based in Singapore. He started drawing to trade for free comic books as a kid & got his degree in Animation & Interactive Media, where he started doing digital arts and life drawings.

Interested in Technology and Art, it was only natural that he got attracted to NFTs and has never looked back since.

Myitchyfinger focuses mainly on 2D Polyart, where Derek uses his knowledge of 3D to craft polygons manually in illustrator with a pentool. Creating and achieving an illusion of a 3D artpiece, whilst also adding alil touch of animation in some of his masterpieces too.

Myitchyfinger artworks are now in most NFT marketplaces like Foundation, Makersplace, Rarible, Opensea, KnownOrigin, H=N..etc. And has sold to multiple collectors. He also has many collaborations done with respected photographers and artists worldwide.

The Vision

Myitchyfinger Studio’s vision is to build an international community of talented artists (Friends in the Metaverse) & collaborate together to create badass artwork for the world. 


Have an idea you would like to discuss with us? We’re always open to collaborate with fellow artists, illustrators, brands & celebrities etc.  

Leave us your name, email and a short note, we would love to be in touch.