Myitchyfinger has collaborated with many talented artists globally that include respected photographers, artists, actors & collectors. We are constantly looking to collaborate, hit us up!

Geometric Prospective

Myitchyfinger + Christophe Jr
Christophe Jr is a world traveler, pilot, Officer, Husband, Father, and always growing photographer. He have been capturing moments in the hopes of freezing them in time forever.

"Geometric Prospective" is a a low poly vector artwork, manually crafted in Adobe Illustrator, working from the canvas of Christophe’s photo documentary of a Blackhawk Pilot.


Myitchyfinger + Gendora
Gendora empowers other females through community and education, to be strong and courageous. Myitchyfinger had the pleasure of doing a special edition collaboration piece. Animated & coming soon!

Crossing Paths

Myitchyfinger + Nomadic Frame
Nomadic Frame is a well known versatile photographer in the NFT space. This artwork represents the intersection of photography and polyart crossing paths to create this fusion art of poly-photography.

Ethereal Series

Myitchyfinger + Steve K
Steve K is an Australian based Landscape photographer, who chases stars & storms. Myitchyfinger has collaborated with him to come up with a upcoming collection in 2022. Look out for it!

The King

Myitchyfinger + Kevin Page
Kevin Page is a 35 year veteran of the film, television, VO and commercial industries. Known for his role in Robocop, Seinfield and Wishbone.

"The King" a 1/1 Animated Digital painting(based on a photograph by Stewart Cohen). Original sound & animation by Kevin Page.


Myitchyfinger + Steve Walasavage
Steve Walasavage is a respected Landscape, Astro and Travel photographer. Fracture- Where the lines between Technology and Reality is blurred.